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Importer, manufacturer's rep & distributor for JUNG rigging equipment – Made in Germany. Markets: United States of America, Canada and Latin America.

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Specialized store of rigging tools including overhead lifting, hoisting & crane accessories, skates & jacks, cargo control, hauling gear, trucking and oversized transport supplies.

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Toolwell operated site as free resource guide to connects riggers, crane operators, machinery movers & erectors, millwrights, house & vault movers, heavy haul truckers, do-it-yourself load movers and customers.

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8000 Hydraulic tools including cylinder jacks, spreaders, pullers, pumps, accessories for lifting & supporting of heavy structures & buildings.

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Coming Spring 2014: Largest selection of dollies for home, commercial and warehouse use.

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Full functioning demo store for testing of user interface improvements. Specialized store for lifting hoists and beam clamps.

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Exclusive distributor of patented forklift tie-down clamps to provide secure attachment points and stationary stops for load stability during lifting and transport.

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Swivel Diamond Top - for 25 ton ERS roller



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Type: Swivel Top - w/ Locking Diamond Grip - for 25 ton Low Profile Skate

Description: ERS Series Roller Skates. Lowest profile high capacity rollers utilize the endless steel chain concept. The basic individual roller is designed for straight line motion, yet each can be outfitted with a removable swivel attachment for tuning and positioning. Seven capacities are available.

Swivel Attachments: For the ultimate versatility, each ERS Series Roller can be outfitted with an ERS Swivel Attachment. Attachments add minimal height to the basic roller while providing ability to make turns without jacking the equipment. Featuring chrome steel ball bearings for smooth operation, attachments come with diamond steel or padded tops and swivel locking devices. Padded attachments help minimize metal-to-metal slippage. Height Equalizers, which increase the height of the roller to that of a roller without swivel attachment, are also available for each roller size.

Hilman Rollers


Swivel Diamond




Skate H088




1 - 3 days