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Steel Bull Dolly

Individual Dollies, Capacities: 1 - 6 tons

Roller Type: Steel. For use in rough and tough environments.

Manufacturer: Hilman Rollers.

Applications: The Bull Series Roller Dollies are ideal for positioning and moving heavy loads either in a straight line or where turns are needed.

Description: High capacity low profile machine roller dolly with steel rollers.

Top Style: These Hilman roller dollies are available with three different top plate styles to fit various types of loads. “Padded” top styles, with built-in neoprene pad, allows for some compression and provides a non-slip surface, a versatile choice for moving on less than perfect floors or for moving metal based machines. “Diamond” top styles have a spike-like steel grid able to grip into wood and provide a secure move for crated or palletized equipment. “Smooth” top styles have smooth steel top, ideal for mounting the dollies to equipment or as a base unit for a variety of top modifications.

Type: The Hilman roller dollies come in two types: Swivel and Rigid. For straight line moves, select the rigid dolly. For turns, even in the tightest of corners, use the swivel dollies. The swivel dollies come with lockable turntables (called “swivel-locking” tops). These spring-loaded locks can engage every 45 degrees.

Accessories: Optional steering handles are available for turning the swivel type roller dollies.

Learn More: Things you need to know before you buy! See Bottom of Page

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Model Hilman Part # Load Capacity (tons) Top Style Type # of rollers per dolly Length (in) Width (in) Height (in) Roller Type Weight (lbs) Usually Ships Within Price Qty. 
HR322 BRD-1S 1 Diamond Rigid 2 6.5 4.43 4 Steel 9 1 - 3 days $195.43 Pics + More
HR323 BRD-3S 3 Diamond Rigid 4 8 5.23 4.36 Steel 13 1 - 3 days $271.71 Pics + More
HR324 BRD-6S 6 Diamond Rigid 8 11 10 4.45 Steel 34 1 - 3 days $537.43 Pics + More
HR325 BSP-1S 1 Padded Swivel 2 6.5 4.43 4.99 Steel 12 1 - 3 days $185.14 Pics + More
HR326 BSP-3S 3 Padded Swivel 4 8 5.23 5.35 Steel 15 1 - 3 days $261.43 Pics + More
HR327 BSP-6S 6 Padded Swivel 8 11 10 5.6 Steel 39 1 - 3 days $557.14 Pics + More
HR328 BSD-1S 1 Diamond Swivel 2 6.5 4.43 4.43 Steel 11 1 - 3 days $177.43 Pics + More
HR329 BSD-3S 3 Diamond Swivel 4 8 5.23 4.79 Steel 16 1 - 3 days $252.00 Pics + More
HR330 BSD-6S 6 Diamond Swivel 8 11 10 5.1 Steel 39 1 - 3 days $546.00 Pics + More
HR331 BSS-3S 3 Smooth Swivel 4 8 5.23 4.79 Steel 16 1 - 3 days $252.86 Pics + More
HR332 BSS-6S 6 Smooth Swivel 8 11 10 4.85 Steel 38 1 - 3 days $579.43 Pics + More

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What you should know BEFORE you buy!

Top Styles: 

The pattern of the top plate should be selected in accordance with the application. Four basic patterns are available:

Diamond: Diamond tops have a spike-like steel grid able to grip into wood and provide a secure move for crated or palletized equipment.

Padded: Padded tops with built-in neoprene pad allow some compression and provide a non-slip surface, a versatile choice for moving on less than perfect floor or for moving metal based machines

Diamond grid: Diamond top pattern where more aggressive load-gripping traction is required.

Smooth: Smooth tops have smooth steel top, ideal for mounting the rollers to equipment or as a base unit for a variety of top modifications.


Roller Material Characteristics:

Nylon: Nylon roller material is an all-purpose wheel that allows for good floor protection with high durability. The wheels will not sag and deform if left under the load for a period of time. The hard material rolls easily but when encountering an obstacle, debris can get embedded causing the roller material to crack over time.

Polyurethane: Polyurethane roller material provides even better floor protection that their nylon counterparts with good durability. Poly is a softer wheel that provides excellent floor protection for smooth, painted, finished, sealed or tiled floors. Soft roller sags under max load, as a result it is slightly more difficult to roll. It is resistant against embedding of debris.


Steel: Steel roller material provides the best wear characteristics with the highest durability compared to nylon or poly. This roller material is ideal for non-sensitive, durable floors in rough and tough environments such as construction areas. Rolls easily. Steel will possibly scratch floors especially during turns.


Example of Different Capacities:

1 ton dolly has 2 rollers

3 ton dolly has 4 rollers

6 ton dolly has 8 rollers


Example Photos: