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Hilman Tri-Glide Roller Dollies - Set - w/ Poly Rollers - Set Capacity 20 Tons



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Item: Hilman Tri-Glide Roller Dollies - Set - w/ Poly Rollers - Set Capacity 60 Tons

Includes: One steerable front dolly with pulling handle and one rigid rear dolly (consists of two rigid units) with spreader bar.


Manufacturer: Hilman Rollers.

Description: Hilman Rollers “Tri-Glide” roller dolly system. The system delivers maximum stability providing a safe and efficient method for moving heavy loads. Additional modules can be added to further stabilize large loads. The system is freely steerable. It has a versatile handle, and is compatible with most forklifts to make towing loads a viable option. The load center of gravity is kept very low and the load’s weight is spread over a generous area to protect floors. All Hilman roller dollies are outfitted with non-slip pads on their tops.

Type: Steerable and Rigid. The Tri-Glide system is comprised of a front “steerable” unit and two rear “rigid” (straight-line) units. These rear units can be connected using the spreader bar to ensure that the dollies will be kept parallel. When using this spreader bar, the rear dollies can be adjusted from a range of 10 inches apart to as much of 48 inches.

Roller Type: The Tri-Glide dollies are available in three types of roller material: Nylon, Polyurethane and Steel. The nylon material is an all-purpose wheel that is floor protective and very durable. The poly material is even more floor protective for smooth, painted, finished, or sealed floors and the steel rollers are for non-sensitive floors. *Note: The 24, 40, 60 and 80 ton rollers come with Poly wheels only.

Includes: All sets contain the following components: One steerable front unit with a pulling handle and two rear units with a spreader bar.

Hilman Rollers












3 - 5 days

3-point moving system - How does it work?

Traditionally a load is moved with 4 supporting dollies. When encountering uneven floors, however, the load rocks and the dollies can slip. The 3-point support system provides a more stable support for many load moving applications, eliminating the load-rocking problem associated with a 4-point system. On the 3-point system, the load cannot rock provided that the load's center of gravity is kept between the triangle created by the 3 dollies. The load's weight always pressed down firmly on each dolly keeping the dollies from slipping. The dolly system is comprised of a front "steerable" unit and two rear "rigid" units. The front unit is freely steerable. The rear units are designed as straight-line followers. Just as the rear wheels of your car follow the front when you turn, so too will the Tri-Glide's rear dollies follow the front. Thus the 3-point moving offers the user a wide range of mobility.

Roller Material Characteristics:

Nylon: Nylon roller material is an all-purpose wheel that allows for good floor protection with high durability. The wheels will not sag and deform if left under the load for a period of time. The hard material rolls easily but when encountering an obstacle, debris can get embedded causing the roller material to crack over time.

Polyurethane: Polyurethane roller material provides even better floor protection that their nylon counterparts with good durability. Poly is a softer wheel that provides excellent floor protection for smooth, painted, finished, sealed or tiled floors. Soft roller sags under max load, as a result it is slightly more difficult to roll. It is resistant against embedding of debris.

Steel: Steel roller material provides the best wear characteristics with the highest durability compared to nylon or poly. This roller material is ideal for non-sensitive, durable floors in rough and tough environments such as construction areas. Rolls easily. Steel will possibly scratch floors especially during turns.